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Brand New Titles Just for You!

We are thrilled to announce the release of The Bottom of This by HGBM's newest author, Tramaine Hannah! Born to a minister, Tramaine grew up in church. By the age of twelve she began to develop a love for writing. Being the child that found it hard to make friends, at a time in life where it seems like the most important thing, writing became her outlet and comfort. After high school she served in the U.S Air Force where she married and had her first and only daughter. A divorce, two moves and years later, she would pick up her pen and start writing again. Having been re-acquainted with her love of the written word, she decided to take her story writing and poetry a step further and pursue writing a novel. 

When she's not writing, you can probably find her reading or binge watching the Golden Girls for the one millionth time. She enjoys a variety of music but as a kid, had to hide her love for country music to avoid being teased. Being the only kid in South Central L.A with two chickens in her backyard, you'd think she was used to teasing. One day she hopes to travel the country visiting famous restaurants and eating her way through America. For now, lemon pepper wings from her favorite local eatery will have to do.

Nattalie Blythe lives in sunny California but can never seem to escape the shadow of her family problems. Her only refuge is the bond she shares with her twin brother, Nathan. But after she is horribly violated by their cousin, even he cannot rescue her from the war raging in her mind as she struggles to reconcile the existence of a good God with the pain she’s endured. Finally, giving up her faith completely, she feels a satisfying sense of freedom. Now, without the threat of eternal punishment from God hanging over her head, she plots the ultimate revenge.

You can get your copy on Kindle now or pre-order your paperback copy at the HGBM Shop!


Also, The Words of My Father by Mark Nemetz and The Happy Little Bear Visits His Grandparents by Amy Land and Hubert Neal, Jr are now available in paperback! Get yours in the HGBM Shop or on Amazon.

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