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Brand New Releases from HGBM & Author Q. Kalique!

The Beanstalk: Jamal & the Beanstalk by Q. Kalique is now available for Kindle and for pre-order in the HGBM Shop! Two great versions of this awesome story! One is the storybook version and the other is the graphic novel version.

The Beanstalk tells of the journey of Jamal, an adolescent boy who takes a magical journey into many adventures that ultimately bring him home. Partially set in Atlanta, Georgia, the story juxtaposes the city life with the magical, surrealistic world he encounters on his travels. The story follows the trials and accomplishments of the main character as he overcomes himself and grows tremendously because of it. Although a fantastical account of an imaginary boy in an imaginary world, this coming-of-age story easily relates to current teenage youth that still resides in us all. This story depicts how it is sometimes a daily struggle to find out who we are and what makes us whole.

You can get your book or books in the HGBM Shop! There's also a bundle available if you'd like to have both versions! To order, use the links below:

Links for Paperback Pre-Orders

Kindle Links

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