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Books: The gifts that keep on giving

Books have always been very special to me. From the days when I would explore our school library in search of the stories I loved to read to the days when I would read stories to my daughter as she fell asleep...and then to the day when I published my very first book, In the Wash: The Rona Shively Stories; books have always played a very prominent role in my life. Whether writing or reading, I always found so much value in stories of all kinds.

When I think of all of the great things that I've been able to read, I am compelled to work even harder to produce great books for fellow readers. Books for me, have been an escape. They've been a refuge. They've been a comfort. And I hope that you'll be able to find one or two books in the Higher Ground Books & Media collection that will serve you in the same way.

This Christmas season, we have so many awesome titles that we'd love to feature, but we are going to focus on a few of our children's titles this week. I hope you'll stop by the shop and take advantage of our 15% discount this week! We've already applied this discount to the books I'm going to mention in this blog post, so there's no need for a code. Just stop by the HGBM Shop and order any of these titles and you'll get 15% off.

Little Jenna Jafferty in Life Lessons - In Little Jenna Jafferty in Changes, Challenges and Chuckles, Jenna experienced a lot of changes taking place in her life. But when you’re just a little girl, the more you grow up, the more lessons there are to learn about life.

Being five years old isn’t easy, and every day Jenna seems to find new ways to stun or fluster her family. As 1967 rolls on and Jenna grows a little older, the world starts to come even more alive and the possibilities are endless—endless possibilities to get herself into mischief or create mayhem that is! Whether she’s running away, or involved in a terrifying game of hide-and-seek, or creating some picnic havoc, Jenna will never stop fighting for what she thinks is right! Problem is, not everyone sees it HER way…

Rudy the Maintenance Man - More than just a maintenance man, Rudy is an integral part of the synagogue family. He fixes things and comforts people. But when he gets hurt, he is unable to put up his Christmas tree and decorate his home. So, members of the synagogue come to the rescue. This interfaith story helps people to understand that you can show kindness to others in the midst of their holidays, even when it's not your own.

Quavers' Wish - A shy duckling named Quavers is born without a right wing. Not having a right wing, Quavers struggles to keep up with the other ducklings. Quavers soon wishes he can be like the other ducklings with wings. One summer day, Quavers is told he must go to Bird School with the other ducklings. Unfortunately, on his first day of Bird School, things do not go as planned. Will Quavers ever be able to fit in and make friends with the other ducklings?

See How Strong You Are - Mya was sad. She hated going to school. Every day, she felt sick and she just wanted to stay home. Her mom kept telling her that she would be just fine, but she didn't think so. Nothing had been okay since her mom and dad split up. And she didn't think she would ever be okay again.

Everyone gets sad, but sometimes we just have to keep doing our best until we feel better. Sometimes we have to be strong, even while we are healing. Can Mya be strong? Her mom thinks she can. Let's see if she's right!

The Seedling - In this beautifully illustrated story, a mother's bedtime tale of a dandelion seedling teaches her children about the love of Jesus.

The Happy Little Bear's Very Merry Christmas - Join the Happy Little Bear and his family for a wonderful celebration of Christmas! Share in the fun as the bears share everything from decorating the tree to opening the presents.

Yes, There is a a Santa - There are skeptics out there. There are children wavering on the edge of belief. There are young ones who believe with all their being. Author Joe Siccardi has answered the question, Is there a Santa Claus? Yes there is! He makes the claim to all audiences based on seeing Santa many times throughout his life from a kid on Santa's lap to telling his stories about Santa encounters throughout his life. Yes, There Is a Santa ? and I've Met Him Personally Many Times is a first-person account Siccardi detailed of his encounters with the jolly old elf as a Christmas present to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He now affirms those experiences to a general holiday audience. This tale would fit as a good night reading project in the days leading up to Christmas and is sure to become a staple in any child's library. BELIEVE

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