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Attack Trauma on All Fronts

We have shared a lot of titles with you that address personal trauma and how to cope with the aftermath and engage in the process of healing. But we haven't really talked about how healing from personal trauma is impacted by the global trauma that we face in our world. It's no secret that we all have internal and external stressors. Much of what we deal with in our inner circle contributes to our internal stress and everything outside that circle contributes to our external stress. I'm sure there are specific terms for this, but I'm speaking informally here. An example might be that in my home, I might be concerned with whether or not my appliances are working properly, but outside my home, I'm concerned with the price of running those appliances and its impact on my utility bills. So, I am concerned with not only the things I use, but the framework in which I use them. And while I may do a great job of turning off lights, not running water unless I have to, or keeping my air conditioner running at a very environmentally-conscious temperature, the cost of my electricity is still increasing because inflation hits us all no matter how much we may personally do to run our homes responsibly.

In much the same way, even though we may treat our families well, live our lives according to God's instruction, and follow the laws of the land at all times, the actions of those outside our personal circle can have great impact on our ability to feel safe and secure as we go about our daily business. We can't control what others do, we can only control our response to those actions. And one of the best things we can do to have a healthy response to what may be unhealthy behaviors on the part of those outside our circle is to take the time to heal whatever trauma we have suffered through. If we have been hurt or abused, it is vital to not only our own survival, but to the survival of those around us that we heal and that we do not allow our lack of healing to damage others.

Some would disagree, but I know from personal experience that the people who have done the most damage in my life have been those who never took the time to heal or ask for help when they were in a situation that was hurting them. This is one of the reasons why we are especially inspired by the stories of those who have overcome trauma. We love to help these courageous authors get the word out about their struggles and we hope that you will take the time to read a few of them.

Check out our spotlight today in the HGBM Shop. Our mission is to provide empowering resources for everyone to access. And to provide authors with a vehicle through which they can share their stories of how God and faith has helped them to heal from both personal and global trauma. If you're an author and you're looking for a publisher, please check out our submission guidelines today. We will be accepting submissions later in the year for the 2023 calendar or for authors who wish to self-publish, we also offer coaching and publishing services.

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