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Are you using your gifts?

This week we want to focus on the importance of using our God-given talents to fulfill the purpose that He has for us. He has called us all to be something. Maybe you're a teacher, or a doctor, or a writer.

Maybe you make music or create beautiful things for people to enjoy or maybe you are an excellent cook and you share your gifts by feeding others. Maybe your gift is encouragement or just keeping things in order and moving in the right direction. Whatever it is, don't hide it. Step out and do the thing that God has created you to do. No matter what it is, it's important. Extremely important!

We work with all sorts of talented individuals at HGBM. We've got authors, illustrators, and narrators that help us bring stories of victory and triumph to you! This week, we will be featuring one of our authors, one of our illustrators, and one of our narrators. Take a look or a listen to the work they've done. Good stuff here!

We're focused on Writing, Illustrating, and Narrating! Here are our featured individuals:

Charlotte Hopkins - Writing

We have a bunch of awesome books by Charlotte, including the children's series, Pixie Trist and Bo, the non-fiction favorite, Everything You Wanted to Know About the Heroes in Blue, and the series, 365 Days of Writing Fiction, Writing Non-Fiction, and Family Fun.

Jen Hernandez - Illustrating

Jen has illustrated several of our children's books and she never fails to provide beautiful artwork, no matter what the story. Check her work out in such favorites as Yasmin Brown's The Iced Tea of Friendship, Terra Kern's Little Jenna Jafferty series, Kerry Olitzky’s Sam and Sophie and Rudy the Maintenance Man, and the beautifully illustrated, I Am Hanukkah by Ron Isaacs.

Andrea Watkins - Narrating

Andrea technically works for ACX, but she has provided spot-on narration for several of our audiobook titles. Take a listen to Rebecca Benston's Wise Up to Rise Up, From Judgment to Jubilee, and Charlotte Hopkins' Heroes in Blue. We hope to do many more titles with Andrea in the future.

To find these great titles, you can look in the HGBM Shop, on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and for the audio, Audible or iTunes.

These talented folks are sharing their gifts through their writing, artwork, and vocal talents. And as our gift to you, we'll even throw in Free Shipping in the HGBM Shop when you use the Code "Gifts22" at checkout. Good this week only! So check them out today!

Higher Ground Books & Media is an independent publisher located in Springfield, OH. We publish inspirational, educational, and motivational materials geared toward helping people understand how God has been working in the lives of His people. We publish most genres with the exception of horror and erotica. Check out our website for submission guidelines. We love to tell the story!

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