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A Year Filled With Blessings!

Who would have thought that 2018 would bring about such wonderful growth for Higher Ground Books & Media!  At the beginning of the

year, I had a couple of goals for our little publishing company.  One, I wanted to sign two new authors.  Two, I wanted to publish at least five new titles.  These were fairly conservative goals and I wasn't sure we would be able to accomplish either of them.  Things were slow at the beginning of the year.  Lots of starts and stops.  A few sour grapes along the way.  Some unfortunate incidents with less than reputable individuals who were not dealing above board.  And a few months of weary soul-searching about whether or not it even made sense to keep going.  And then, suddenly...a breakthrough.

I prayed and prayed for God to help me figure out the direction I needed to take.  And He delivered the most awesome message to me.  He said, "Trust Me."  And in the midst of conflict and disappointment, I handed it all over to Him once again and said, "Here you go, Lord. Show me what to do."  In a matter of days, the conflict in front of me was resolved and the doors to new opportunities opened wide!  New authors were contacting me and submissions were coming in every day!  It was a true miracle.  I asked for direction and He provided.  Within a few months, I had signed eight new authors and added nine new titles.  We are well on our way to a full calendar for next year as well!  What an amazing jump!  And all because I listened and obeyed.  It really is that simple.

I'm grateful that God is still steering me in the right direction.  We are starting to take auditions for audio-books and I'm hoping to have at least a few of our titles available on audio by the first quarter of 2019.  We are also taking submissions for new fiction and most other genres.  We have filled quite a flew slots for the upcoming year, but there is still room for your story!  If you have written a book and it fits our submission criteria, please send your submissions to us at  

Thank you so much for supporting Higher Ground Books & Media this year.  We hope that you will continue to follow us through 2019.  We've got some great stuff coming your way!

Have a blessed and Happy New Year!  Make memories, write stories, share experiences.  We'd love to tell your story!

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