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How to Complain Effectively and Assert Your Rights as An American Citizen


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Have you been prevented from participating in activities because you wouldn't consent to taking an experimental medication?  Have you been refused service because you wouldn't wear a face covering? Are you tired of being told that you have no choice?  Are you tired of being pushed around by those who seek to destroy our great nation?  Guess what!  We are still in America!  We are still protected by the U.S. Constitution!  And in order to keep it that way, we need to speak up and use the proper channels to express our dissatisfaction and our unwillingness to adhere to standards that violate our rights as American citizens.  

Some very loud members of our society have been pushing the idea that it is wrong or shameful to go against the status quo.  We're only "allowed" to protest when it suits their narrative.  Push-back is only acceptable if you're in favor of tearing down our society.  And if you do try to speak up, you're either censored or ridiculed and called a "Karen."  It's time to shrug off all of this resistance.  If we're going to protect our rights and defend our Constitution, we cannot be afraid of what amounts to a bunch of playground bullies.  Let them make noise, talk LOUDER!  Let them make fun, keep SPEAKING!  Let's coordinate our efforts and make our statement.  

The United States was built on the spirit of fighting for your rights.  We didn't put in hundreds of years of work only to be driven back into our homes and made to stay silent.  TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY!  It starts with us!  Take your stand!  Make your voice heard!  Let's work together and bring an end to all of this nonsense.  We'll show you how we can all get started!

PLEASE NOTE:  We are NOT legal experts. We are American citizens who have researched how to file complaints.  We are compiling information to help you do the same.  Additionally, we can show you how to write an effective statement detailing your stand on the issues at hand so that you can assertively speak out and take action that will contribute to making a lasting change.

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