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This is the second book published by Ruzanna Krdilyan Hernandez, Ed.D. who is a public-school administrator, small business owner, a writer, and a mentor. Her first book, Efficiency and Organization to Achieve More in Life was published in 2021. Hernandez writes on topics related to building efficiency, time management, organizational skills, productivity, goal setting, and living a balanced life. In this book, she focuses on building organization and efficiency in personal financial management, particularly for those who earn middle-class income. She relies heavily on her formal education and her personal experiences to connect with readers on a variety of levels. The goal of the book is to provide resources, ideas, and help to anyone who earns a middle-class income and wishes to become more organized and efficient with how to spend and save money!

Organization and Efficiency in Personal Finances by Ruzanna Hernandez, Ed.D.

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