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This book is about a competition.On one side is a dominant narrative the author believes is universal, which he calls our human "fear story." On the other side is the competing narrative that is also universal called God's "love story." "Love's Resurrection: Its Power to Roll Away Fear's Heaviest Stone," is the author's account of how human fear stories, including that which now dominates the mood of today's United (yet deeply divided) States of America, culminate in what he calls Great Awakenings of nation, church, and ourselves as individuals. Presenting in memoir form his own account of three personal Great Awakenings, the author presents from his co-careers in mental health counseling and pastoral ministry a challenge for persons (however small) and communities (however large) to overcome our fear stories and live into God's preferred love story as our truer and more influential narrative in today's world.

Love's Resurrection: Its Power to Roll Away Fear's Heaviest Stone

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