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Kathy Johnson looked forward to spending her summer lounging by the pool, hanging out with friends, and starting her final year of middle school in the fall??but instead, she winds up stranded on a deserted island with her little brother, Jeffrey. Could it get any worse? Not long after washing up on the beach, Kathy discovers a dangerous secret?men are smuggling people and using them to unload stolen contraband into a cave on the island. Kathy is further challenged when a young Taiwanese boy escapes from the smugglers and finds refuge with them. Chen becomes their 'brother' and teaches them vital survival tools.As the weeks turn into months, Kathy's ongoing struggle to keep their presence on the island unknown to the smugglers, dampens all promise of rescue?until she finds and ancient Chinese amulet that renews her hope in times of struggle. Little does she realize the appearance of the amulet is the beginning of a larger adventure that will change their lives forever.

Hope: Journey of the Tiger Amulet by Robin M. Adams

SKU: 978-1955368117
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