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The Problem with Vanity

Higher Ground Books & Media (HGBM) is an independent publisher. Not to be confused with a "vanity" press. It is important to make this distinction because the authors who write for HGBM have actually submitted their work for review and were thoughtfully and prayerfully selected to be a part of our catalog. Unlike vanity presses, we actually review the work that is submitted and decide whether or not we feel the work best embodies the message and mission of HGBM. The authors do not pay a fee to publish their work with us. In fact, they are paid royalties for their book sales each quarter and as the publisher, we present their books to the public as part of our catalog.

Another important distinction here is that our marketing efforts are organic. We do not rely on some algorithm to generate likes, follows, or sales. When one of our authors receives a review, it is a review that has been earned, not bought. As a publisher, I feel this is extremely important. In order to truly be a writer, you must take the good with the bad. If you publish a book and you make no sales, well then you must either look at your subject matter and its relevancy or likelihood of being popular with society at the time of its release or you must carefully examine your own skills as a writer.

In these volatile times, writing about personal growth and change in terms of Biblical soundness and missionary intent can be a futile effort. This doesn't mean we stop writing it; it just means we press in and seek God's guidance for finding ways to get the message to those who need to hear it. Those who are in the midst of dealing with challenges such as the ones our authors are writing about may not be ready to hear such confrontational messages. I know that at times, there were things I wasn't ready to hear but as time progressed and I learned to trust God, I became more open to hearing about struggles faced by others and how they overcame them. But it is all in God's timing and we cannot allow our own pride to keep us from saying what He tells us we need to say simply because no one is patting us on the back for it.

A writer may never get the recognition he or she deserves for stepping forward and bravely bearing his or her soul. Nevertheless, the stories must be told and the wisdom must be shared if anyone is ever to know the true glory of God. Vanity never served anyone well and it won't serve those who seek only to show big numbers and appear popular to the masses. If you're going to write, at least do so with some intent to do good. Do so with the goal of helping someone better understand what you've been through and what they are going through. Do so with a heart to heal. The returns will be far greater than all of the follows, likes, and sales you could ever gain from buying your way to bestseller status.

Higher Ground Books & Media is an independent publisher located in Springfield, OH. We publish inspirational, educational, and motivational materials geared toward helping people understand how God has been working in the lives of His people. We publish most genres with the exception of horror and erotica. We are always accepting submissions and we welcome your questions. We love to tell the story!

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