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New Inspiration from HGBM & Author, Christine Nekas-Thoma

Is God your anchor? He can and will help you through any storm. Read all about how he did just that for Author, Christine Nekas-Thoma in her new book, God's Whispers: Your Anchor Through Life's Storms. Available on Kindle and for paperback pre-order in the HGBM Shop.

"You want me to what?!" I asked God. As the minister at the front of the church talked about how God speaks to people, I could clearly hear God telling me what He had planned. He told me to listen and follow His guidance in all matters of life and then to write a book. God's Whispers: Your Anchor Through Life's Storms is the manifestation of my dialogue with God. Everyone experiences tough times in life — from the loss of loved ones to challenges with work to issues with health. With these challenges can come doubt — in ourselves, in our relationships, and in our faith with God. During trying times, we want answers. On my journey, God spoke to me, not only through His voice, but through the Bible, other books, songs, license plates, nature, and people. Although God did not always answer prayers on my timeline, I realized that life events do not happen by chance. Only after reflecting on my life, could I see how God's timing is perfect — even when it seemed He hadn’t answered my prayers at all. In the rapidly changing sea of life, the water does not remain calm for long. As you wait for God to guide you through your storms, this book will provide a valuable reminder to trust in God, to patiently wait for His voice to speak to you, and to recognize that unanswered prayers might be purposeful.

Here's what people are saying about God's Whispers:

If you ever listen for God’s voice, this is the book for you. This eloquently written first memoir invites you into an intimate journey with Christine as she loses a dear friend and grandparents, navigates relationships and career, faces infertility and other health issues and considers adoption. Learn with her the importance of trust and faith, and a willingness to take God seriously wherever and whenever the signs appear.

—Nancy Flinchbaugh, Revelation in the Roots: Emerald Isle and Letters from the Earth

Through God’s Whispers: Your Anchor Through Life’s Storms, Christine Nekas-Thoma shares her personal journey to a closer relationship with God, giving examples of God’s whispers of affirmation and direction she’s learned to recognize in the process. Through the account of a near-death experience in her teens, examples of comfort during tumultuous times in her life, and wisdom she shares along the way, Christine’s riveting story offers readers encouragement to hear God speaking in their own lives.

—Barb Geiger, Paddle for a Purpose

You can pre-order your copy of the paperback in the HGBM Shop and get your copy on Kindle now!

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