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New from HGBM! Saved by a Mystery by Deborah Randall

Order your copy today! Marcia Candice Armstrong's near-perfect life as wife, mother, successful accountant and soon-to-be-grandmother will be shattered by the death of her husband of thirty-four years, an unexpected loss on the heels of a wonderful new season. Her downward spiral leads to strained and severed relationships with both family and God. Marcia is ultimately given the opportunity to receive help and address issues of anger and bitterness, but she must first acknowledge her need and willingness to deal with unresolved issues. Through Marcia's life Saved by a Mystery examines grief and bitterness from past hurts, by reminding readers: It is only when we choose to see beyond our pain, that we will see God.

Available on Amazon and in the HGBM Shop!

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