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New from HGBM! Daddy Goes to Treatment by Brittany Patrick

Now Available on Kindle and for Paperback Pre-Order. The #1 New Release in Children's Drug Use Books! Daddy Goes to Treatment by Brittany Patrick.

Addiction has always been something people don’t like to talk about, but it is a universal problem that needs everyone's attention. In Daddy Goes to Treatment by Brittany Patrick, the author focuses on telling the story of a boy who is processing his father’s problems with alcohol and his subsequent trip to a treatment facility. Patrick tells the story in a way that is easy to understand while also giving hope that WE DO RECOVER by the grace of God.

If you are dealing with addiction and need a way to break the ice with your children, grandchildren, foster child, or adopted child so that they can get a better understanding of what really happens and why, this is the book for you.

Brittany Patrick is a recovering addict who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. She struggled with addiction for over a decade. She knows the work that needs to be put into recovery as well as everything your children go through while watching firsthand. She has written the book Daddy Goes to Treatment to get the discussion started. It is very close to her heart as she, herself has two wonderful children who went through her struggle with her.

Get it on Kindle.

Pre-Order Your Paperback in the HGBM Shop.

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