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Never Fear, October's New Releases are Here!

We've got a couple of great new releases for you!

Max by Marjorie Joseph

Desperate for a new start after the woman he loves married another man, Max Kane moves out to the town of Castle Horn in Oregon. As Fairfield Hospital’s new Chief of Staff, he immerses himself in hospital work. A peaceful and uneventful life is what he’s looking for after suffering a series of setbacks and painful past experiences. Thinking he’s left all of that behind in the town of Silver Water, Max is in for the biggest shock of his life.

The drama he tries to run away from manages to find him. Meeting and falling in love with Faith Langhorne is something unforeseen. However, Max is all in, and does everything in his power to get her away from her abusive boyfriend. But Faith’s ex Keith isn’t ready to roll over and play dead, and he’s determined to get Faith back at all costs. So, all bets are off as Max and Faith try to overcome the perils of dealing with a dangerous and abusive predator.

Available now on Kindle -

The Happy Little Bear Learns About the 50 States by Amy Land

The Happy Little Bear shares some fun facts about the United States! How many of these do you know? Illustrated by Hubert Neal, Jr.

Available now on Kindle -

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