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Great new fiction from HGBM Author, Shaleen!

The Farmer's Wandering Heart by Shaleen is now available in the HGBM Shop!

Orphaned at an early age, Donovan takes on the responsibilities of raising his younger siblings and running the family farm. As soon as he is free, he decides he needs a fresh start. Saying goodbye to his now grown brother and sister, Donnie sets out on the next wagon train to Oregon.

On the journey, Donnie encounters a beautiful girl who is everything he could want in a wife, but....she is already spoken for. Donnie refuses to go after another man's woman, but he can't help but defend Maddie when her fiancé is openly rude and abusive to her.

Things come to a head when the fiancé demands that Maddie make a choice, and Donnie's temper gets the best of him.

Will Donnie regret going west, or will he find love on the wagon train?

Order your copy today in our Shop or on Amazon!

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