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Are you ready for a breakthrough?

I know I am. When I started HGBM, nearly eight years ago, I had high hopes. I was in the middle of trying to build a women's ministry and still feeling my way through to find the right way to use the tools God had given me. I hadn't intended to be a publisher. I was an author and I had so many ideas for things I wanted to say to others to help lift them out of places of brokenness. But as it turned out, it wasn't meant for me to do this on my own. I needed warriors. And over the years, that's exactly who God sent.

My experiences made me a great resource for those who had experienced poverty, rape, miscarriage, divorce, and other traumas. And through my writing, I was able to reach people who needed reassurance that they were not alone. But the courage of authors like Robin Melet, Terri Kozlowski, Talia Stone, Terra Kern, and H.S. Daniels helped us to reach others who had suffered abuse at the hands of those whom they trusted or who had found themselves in situations that were frightening and traumatic. Their willingness to share their journey added to our message here that everyone has a story and everyone's story can help someone else to heal.

Still others such as Stephen Bowman, Willie Deeanjlo White, and Janet Kay Teresa shared their journeys through recovery and they weren't afraid to be candid and sometimes, even a bit confrontational to help the reader understand the hold addiction can have on a person. Reading stories about the challenges and struggles of others can catapult you to a major breakthrough of your own and we hope that you will find something in our collection that inspires you to make the changes you need to make to move forward.

All of these are just a handful of the great, inspirational stories you'll find when you look through the selection in the HGBM Shop. We've got lots of great children's titles and devotionals as well as some must-read fiction and memoir. And we've got more great stuff on the way in 2022. I hope you'll stop in and grab a few titles to read as we enter the new year. We're giving you 22% off of every order from now through January 7th in honor of the new year. Take advantage today by shopping in the HGBM Shop and using code NEWHOPE22.

From all of us here at HGBM to all of you, we wish you a happy and healthy new year! Be safe and let's jump into 2022 with a vengeance, warriors! It's time!

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